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Food Program:
For each 20 children in any of our Homes we provide the following monthly basics:
80 lbs of chicken, 20 lbs of beans, 24 liters of long life milk, 5 doz eggs, 2 gal cooking oil, 20 lbs rice, 12 lbs beef liver, 5 lbs of canned tuna, 20 lbs of flour, 14 lbs of hot dogs, 6 packs of hotdog buns, plus food distribution from events like Blues Against Hunger. We have increased our budget for our Homes to allow for cleaning supplies, so necessary in Covid times, and fresh fruit & vegetables.
The current tally of what we spend on each child... for real... 22 Homes/Orphanages and 2 Day Care Centers, over 1000 Kids: $3.00 each child, each and every month! This truly shows how just a little can go so far!!

Because of Covid and inflation, we are now spending, on average, $3,080.00 monthly to feed the kids in Homes , Community Centers and impoverished neighborhoods

Our overhead is roughly the 4% fee charged by PayPal plus our annual  fee for this website. Approximately 1.2% goes to bank fees and 3% for operating costs. Our Founders and Volunteers receive no monetary compensation for their time and love! Our door and accounting are always open.
Please donate via PayPal or Credit Card.



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