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In 2014, retirees Marilyn and Les Widd, started visiting local children's orphanages in their new community of Rosarito, Mexico. The original goal was to simply help feed and clothe the children being housed in these under-funded facilities. Soon though, the three orphanages they were helping to support, turned into eight and then twelve. As more homes came forward seeking assistance, the need to create a Networking Organization became apparent. 


In 2015, Hearts of Baja was formed to combine efforts and help support the Children of Baja Norte. Hearts Of Baja Children's Network a 501(c)(3) non profit EIN 30-0991203

What Les and Marilyn came to learn was more about the relationship between the local children living in intact families and the rise and fall of the population in the Orphanages/Group Homes. As the economy and tourism ebb and flow so do the number of children living there. During the terrible fires of 2017 and the floods caused by heavy rains in early 2018, it was apparent that most children living in the Homes were thriving compared to those whose homes were incinerated or washed away. Thus, the goals for Hearts of Baja evolved to include as many children as funding allows, whether living in a group home or not.

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