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Sadly, we know that globally there are over 14 million abandoned children due to war, poverty, incarceration and drug abuse. Hearts of Baja Children’s Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was created so that we may better communicate and serve the needs of nearly 6,000 children living in group homes, in our own backyard, from Tijuana to Ensenada. 






Because of inflation and the dollar/peso dwindling exchange, we had to increase our budget for our Homes. However, this had its negative consequences on the Homes, as we had to diminish or cut our support to 11 Homes. But over the course of the past 8 years, these Homes took our training well and are now able to advocate for themselves to get their own support, through website postings, personal donors, vegetable gardens, pro bono doctors and dentist services. We provided tools as computer labs that are very useful for education, research and communicating in a fast and efficient way.

We provide 40 lb. boxes of frozen chicken and other food staples, school supplies, backpacks, clothing, blankets, toys at Christmas, bilingual play and reading. Our Maximize Girl Power Program offers the teen girls much needed feminine supplies, emotional support and self esteem building. Now they will all be able to go to school every day of the month!

In time we believe we can help to change these children’s lives with love, education, nutrition and even bring back some fun into their lives!
We have 40 recurring donors who pledge $977 per month. The rest, roughly $500 per month is covered by Hearts Of Baja's reserves and other sources. Our PayPal account allows our contributors to donate any amount they wish and when. We ask for your support so that we may continue our mission and we thank you!


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In these trying times, Hearts of Baja Children's Homes Network has had to adjust its budget to reflect inflation costs and dwindling donations. 

Now more than ever is when we need your unconditional support to help these children.


Please help keep our Hearts of Baja Beating, so this effort can be sustainable !

Click on the DONATE button and offer us $5 or even $10 a month recurring! (be sure and click the tab for Monthly or Yearly "recurring" donation).

A very special thank you for those who support us on our mission:

Blues Against Hunger

and The Feldman Family

Please visit their website to know more about them !!!

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